Nonprofit Engagement

Today’s nonprofit stakeholders, donors, volunteers and employees, expect their favorite charities to bring their missions to life via social media, digital media and videos and to create viral moments that show the mission in action, how donor funds are actually spent and the direct impact on those in need. 

Alec has an extensive track record in both rebranding and relaunching established nonprofits, as well as creating and launching new foundations for people who are passionate about a cause. 

Alec  has an Executive Masters from Georgetown University in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. 


Nonprofit Successes


  • Re-branded 100-year old JCS with 360-degree makeover including all  new  / updated communications, platforms, social media, website and e-mail marketing, video production and galas resulting in increased audience engagement and online donations by more than 100% 
  • Integrated marketing with major funders and other stakeholders 

Chapman Partnership

  • Repositioned  Chapman to showcase the impact they have on empowering the homeless to improve their lives 
  • Increased online giving via website and social media by more than 170% 
  • Developed call-to-action responses yielding higher engagements and donations including Back-to-School, Spring Drive, Workforce Ready campaigns and  events 
  • Developed PR strategies resulting more than 76 million gross impressions

Fighting Food Insecurity One Meal at a Time

video highlighting food insecurity in the community and effective steps to combat it. increased awareness and donations for food banks, meals on wheels and meal sites. 

Every Child Deserves a Back to School Bag

Back to school drive for homeless children partnering with MDPS board and raised awareness and funds for homeless children and families.